Fat Boyfriend Bakery Exists!

For the past two years I worked my way up at one of Boston’s own restaurants, Clover. I wanted to know what it was like to work in the food business. Before then all I had done was dabble, at farmer’s market’s or friends and family. Sure, I could bake well, but could I do it on a larger level?

Starting at Clover was an eye opening experience. Like many of the people who start there, I began my days as a provisional employee. Working there wasn’t easy, as it required getting the food to the people as quickly as possible, without messing up their order. Imagine the scene from “I love Lucy” where she’s a line tester, and then make it into sandwiches that need different items in them. On top of that add people with not a lot of time in their lunch break. The orders continued to pile up. I told the rest of the staff on my station what was needed in order for those waiting to get there lunch right and on time.
As time went on, opportunities arose at the company. I was given the chance to run one of their well known trucks. During that time, much of what I did was get to know our regular customers, and learn exactly what they wanted. It came to down to communication, with both the staff and the customers. The other parts are the things you don’t normally think about when you come into a business, like, how people are paid and who gets the food you use to make things.

This is something I hope to accomplish with you! It’s great that I have the opportunity to show off my baking skills and hope you too will enjoy what Fat Boyfriend Bakery has to offer!