Making Sales

Since we’ve started, I’ve officially gotten one account at the Brookline Fine Wine and Gourmet. For those of you who follow the bakery on Twitter and Facebook, you might already know that. What you may not know is how it happened.

One of the things I mentioned in the first post is how I chatted with many of the customers at Clover. Part of this is because getting to know the customers made them feel more comfortable in the setting. The other part of it was trying to figure out if I was capable of selling products. It was a confidence booster to see how well I could describe an item that we had at Clover, to the point that a person on the other end was intrigued enough to try it.

Describing my own products is even more fun, and selling them doubly so. What gets them on the shelves though, is persistence. You can find the croissants at the wine store because I went there multiple times to chat with Joe, the manager. We’ve shared stories, and I’ve learn a huge amount about how various breweries and distilleries create the taste of their beer. (And here’s where I can put a shameless plug for stout brownies.) What I haven’t been so good at is the follow up with other places, getting back in touch and chatting up quite a few restaurants and stores in the coming weeks in hopes that they’ll be up for carrying the croissants, (and possibly other baked goods) that I make.

If you’re interested in seeing Fat Boyfriend Croissants, with chocolate in them, of course, at places near you, let me know and let them know. Because really wouldn’t you just like a buttery, flaky, warm croissant right now? Possibly with a little bit of 80% chocolate from the folks at Taza in Somerville? Okay now I’m making my mouth water…