One of the more annoying things about the modern world is how much we’ve begun to rely upon the small portable computer we like to call a phone. Since it’s still new technology and it’s constantly changing (and I am known to occasionally, accidentally, throw my phone across a room) I had to get my phone replaced. In both the long and the short run, this really wasn’t that much of a hassle. Sadly though, it was still an annoyance, and one which I allowed to darken my day. I was on my way to get the whole thing taken care of, when I got a phone call from the Mayor of Malden, the town where Fat Boyfriend is based.

Earlier in the week I had delivered cookies to the Mayor’s office. Browned Butter Chocolate Chip. The mayor was calling to tell me he loved them. Now, I’m aware that this is part of his job, but the other part of me was thrilled. It made my day to know that we’re on the right track. Why? Because many of the people who have had a chance to try my baked goods are people I know. It’s a lot of fun to provide good food for your friends, but it’s quite another to hear from a complete stranger that they loved your food.

I hope that continues tonight, when I’ll be giving people a chance to try my croissants and chocolate chip cookies at a @Branchfood event. If you get the chance to go, I’ll see you there, with some of these on offer.